Cast-a-Way Toys

Cast-a-Way figures available. I love these figures, but most have been in storage for years, so I thought somebody else might enjoy them. These don't come up for sale very often, so you can now own a piece of Cast-a-way history!

8" Cast-a-Way figures:

  • Creepy Classics - Invisible Man - Sold

  • Creepy Classics - Zombie (blue) - Sold

  • Creepy Classics - Mr. Hyde - Sold

  • Creepy Classics - Headless Horseman - Sold

  • Creepy Classics Special - Zombie Claus- Sold

  • Flash Gordon (Larry "Buster" Crabbe) prototype figure - Sold

    • As seen at Mego Meet 2011, this is the only one of its kind that I bought from Dave Lee of the Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon.

  • Flash Gordon prototype figure - Sold

    • This is a one-of-kind prototype Flash Gordon figure that I bought from Dave Lee. The packaging says Bif-Bang-Pow so this may have been part of a deal that didn't go through. I'm sure David has stories to tell.

  • Phantom (purple) - Sold

  • Red Beard (Dr. Eville) - Sold

  • Phantom (Captain Action) - Sold - (Bad suit, has white spots on it (mold?) but still good for parts.)

  • Action Jackson, 50 year anniversary 2-pack - Sold

  • Jesse James - Sold

I haven't added PayPal buttons yet, but email me if you are interested in adding any of these to your order (