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Here are Professor Xavier and Scott Summers (aka Cyclops).  Professor Xavier's head is a shrunk version of the 9" Picard head from Star Trek on a Doc Mego body.  The head was cast in plastic and the hair was sanded away.  I painted his head.  He is wearing a suit from a new Obama figure.

Cyclop's glasses are made from laser cut acrylic that was bent to fit his head.  He features a vintage Cunningham head, body, pants and shoes, but has a new black shirt.

His belt buckle is made from cut acrylic with the X-Men logo etched on the front.  The acrylic was then painted silver.  The belt is elastic.

The wheel chairs is made of clear acrylic plastic, just like in the X-Men movie.

The wheelchair has laser cut foam seat and back-rest.

The wheels feature the X logo and actual turn.

The chair also has rubber bumps on the front so it doesn't roll off the shelf.