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Space Force

As first shown at the 2019 Mego Meet, its Space Force!

Space Helmets:

Space helmet with removable bubble face-plate.  Shown in gold, silver and white, but other colors available by request.

Gold Helmet

Silver Helmet

White Helmet

Jet Pack:

Jet packs come with shoulder straps to make them easy to put and and take off.  Available in gold, silver and white or custom colors.

Gold jet pack

Silver jet pack

White jet pack 

Space Force flying saucer with removable bubble for 8" figures.

Green flying saucer:

(Figure not included.)

Blue flying saucer:

Complete figures:

Each figure comes with a jet pack, helmet and ray gun on a removable clam-shell with Space Force card back.  
(Note: to avoid shipping mishap, the figure, accessories and clam-shell will be bubble wrapped separately but are easily assemble to appear like above.)