Drax Lives

Drax is made on an M2 body with Vision's head. The feet were switched to M1, so he could wear Hawkeye's boots. He has a massive cape with a big collar. The suit and cape were made by hand. The belt and bracelets are made of craft foam, with a skull from a cheap plastic Halloween ring. The cape clasp skull is just an image from a Punisher comic cover (teeth shortened). Drax was part of the Famous Cover mailing list group project.

Drax Destroys
Drax Again (and again)

Do you get the idea this guy is all talk? I mean has he ever destroyed anything? There is only one word for when he and Captain Marvel work together: Katoom!

Ironman 55

I thought this was a cool cover. Drax is dressed a little different than mine, but he's making his idle threats again. Maybe I should make the Blood Brothers?