Dash Wing

Comparison of 1:18 scale to 1:9 scale with wings folded.

Comparison with wings extended.

Any Mego Micronaut or Micro-man fan should recognize the famous Space Glider Dash Wing. This is a reproduction scaled up from 1:18 scale of the Micronauts to 1:9 scale of the Mego action figures. It was painstakingly reproduced by taking apart an original Micronaut dash wing, scanning the plastic pieces and then accurate drawing the results in a CAD program. The result is amazing. Its like having a resize button for plastic.

The wings are articulate to be spread out of fold down. Unlike the smaller counterpart, there is no quick release spring. However, the wing have an internal stop just like the smaller ones so they can't be overextended. Anyone who has held the original Dash Wing will get the same feeling moving these wings up and down.

The Dash Wing is perfect for making a 1:9 scale custom Space Glider or Commander Rann figure. Also a great piece for any Micronaut or Microman fan just to play with on your desk. Can be produced in a variety of colors.

$16 USD

Feel free to specify color in check-out comments.

(Figures not included)

Making of the Dash Wing:

Here is a behind the scene shot of the CAD drawing with the original scan behind it.

Result of the CAD drawing.

Chest Engine

Chest engine now available. 3D printed flat in gold plastic and then heat formed to fit on a 8" Mego torso. Must be glued on to stay in place.

Gold chest engine: $5 (USD)