Adapters: Head, Hands and Feet

Famous Covers to Type-S

Now use a Famous Covers head on the Type-S retro Mego like body from the 8 inch Super Store with a LaserMego head adapter. The adapters are made of a hard PLA plastic and require a screw-together Mego like body, such as the Type-S.

See the Famous Covers Wolverine Head Conversion page for a description of how it works.

Available in many colors: black, red, green, yellow, blue, white and purple. (Ask about other colors.)

And here are some examples using them:

Famous Cover to Type-S adapter: $4 USD

PEZ to Type-S

Also available PEZ to Type-S head adapter (screw together body required). Most PEZ heads are too big to look good on a Mego, but they vary in size, and the helmeted characters seem to look better.

The PEZ head just clicks into place!

Here is an example using an Iron Man PEZ:

PEZ to Type-S adapter: $4 USD

New Mego to Type-S

Mego is back! Mego are now being sold again at Target stores, but the heads are constructed differently. The new Mego head adapter allows new heads to be used with screw together bodies, like the Cast-a-way Type-S body.

Note, the adapter may come in a different color than shown since it doesn't show up when the figure is put together.

New, cheaper price!

2018 Mego to Type-S adapter: 3 for $4 USD

Nub for Type-S

Have a ripped neck plug? Here is a "nub" to connect a broken head to a type-S body.

Type-S nub: $4 USD

(May come in different color than shown, but doesn't appear on final figure.)

FTC glove hands and boot feet adapters for Type-S

Adapters to convert the FTC/CTVT glove hands and boot feet to the type-S body.

1 pair of glove hands to Type-S adapters: $2 USD

1 pair of boot feet to Type-S adapters: $2 USD