Ape Rifle

A primitive rifle with strap, perfect for apes controlling those pesky humans. Scaled for 8" action figures.

$4 USD

Shown with figure (not included).


Based on the one Abe used to kill vampires

Long Axe: $5 (USD)


The weapons that comes back!

  • Comes in a pack of 3

  • 1/16" thick, perfect for 8" figure's hand.

  • Can be made in black or white

3 for $3 USD


A Mego sized crossbow.

Crossbow $6 (USD)

Hammer (Storm Breaker)

Is Hawkman worthy?

Hammer (Storm Breaker) $5 (USD)

Laser Sword

Neon colored laser swords:

Made with a 3D printed silver PLA hilt and an acrylic rod blade

Available in 4 florescent colors: yellow, blue, green and red.

Designed to work with the Type-S trigger/gripping hand:

Laser Sword: $5 USD


Mace $5 (USD)


[UPDATE] Red mallet now comes with a black handle as shown in the following picture. The other pictures will be updated shortly.

Giant hammers for Mego villians!

Available in two different styles:

  • Green mallet with orange joke highlights and with cut outs for male hands.

  • Red mallet with black handle, black harlequin highlights and with holes for female hands.

Red harlequin mallet $6 USD

Green joke mallet $6 USD

Question Mark Cane

Why is a question make cane on the weapons page? Its an enigma!

Question Mark Cane $5 (USD)




Space Halberd

The Space Halberd is used on alien planets for ritual fights to the death.

(Figures not included)

Space Halberd $10 USD

Space Scimitar

(Figures not included)

Space Scimitar $10 USD

Roman Sword

Roman sword can fit in the female Mego hand. Available in silver or gold.

(Figure and shield not included)

Roman Sword $5 USD


Three different styles of tridents: underwater, future or demon.

Underwater Trident: $8 USD

Future Trident: $8 USD

Demon Trident: $8 USD