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01/19/2021 - Legion of Superheroes council dais and podium

Custom Legion of Superheroes council dais and podium, all with chairs. Its all made of acrylic. I didn't have any LSH figures to show, so the Justice League is helping out. Could ask be made in different colors, like green for the Guardians on Oa.

01/18/2021 - Female Masks

Designed to be glued on to female Mego heads. Available on the Masks and Glasses page.

01/16/2021 - More Weapons

Add mace, hammer and more question mark cane colors on the Weapons page.

01/14/2021 - More Dino Warriors

I was so happy with the first set of Dino Warriors that I ordered a second set of finger puppets.

Presenting Dino Warriors waves one and two!

01/13/2021 - New item: Question Mark Cane

Why make a question mark cane? Its a riddle. Available on the Weapons page.

01/12/2021 - Dino Warriors

Made from some dinosaur finger puppets found on Amazon.

One guy was missing an arm, so I designed a mace-hand for him.

The head and hands are attached using some 3D printed adapters I designed.

01/05/2021 - Round shields now available

Finally made an order entry for the round shields on the new Armor page.

01/05/2021 - Leg Wraps now available

After a week of testing, the Leg Wraps are now available on the new Armor store page.

Look for more armor items coming in 2021!

01/04/2021 - Kit-bash Ninja

01/03/2021 - More Leg Wrappings

I went nuts today and made a whole rainbow of tigers. Only White Tiger is cannon. Mostly, I'm just showing off the leg wraps.

01/02/2021 - Leg Wrappings

I updated my White Tiger custom figure with plastic leg wrappings.

They are heat formed to fit the shape of the Mego leg. I plan to offer them in multiple colors.

12/07/2020 -New item: Chest Engine

A Micronaut style "chest engine" is now available on the Dash Wing page.

11/30/2020 -New item: Long Axe

New item: Long Axe on the Weapons page.

Based on the version Abe used to hunt vampires!

11/03/2020 - Deep Sea Diver again!

The Deep Sea Diver page went missing with the new website, but now its back and includes a new trident accessory.

10/31/2020 - New Site

New website! Laser Mego has a whole new look.

Let me know if you find any issues with the new site.