Now in more sizes to fit your Mego collection!

  • Regular stands for 8" male and female figures

  • Teen stands for 7" male and female figures

  • Muscle body stands for Hulk/Thing muscle body figures (and fat bodies)

  • Riser!

Regular Stands:

Tired of figures falling off your shelves? Have figures lying down on the job in your display case?

Try a Laser Mego acrylic stand for 8" figures. This is the only action figure stand designed for 8" Mego and Mego-like figures.

Made of clear acrylic, so its almost invisible when being used. Work great for 8" male and female figures.* Unlike the clunky metal stands made for larger dolls, the Laser Mego stands has a base that is just right for a Mego figure so you can fit more on your shelf.

The sturdy design also works great for caped figures as the cape can flow over the back.

Stands can either be plain or engraved with the Mego logo. Please specify during checkout. Also ask about custom engraving.

$5 USD for 1 stand for 8" figures


Get 6 stands for the price of 5!

$25 USD for 6 stands for 8" figures!

* Note that the normal stand is not appropriate for Mego teen, muscle body (Hulk and Thing) or fat bodies (like Penguin). See teen and muslce body stands below!

Teen Stands:

Now available for 7" teen figures!

$5 for 1 stand for 7" teen figure

Special deal!

$17 for 4 stands for 7" teen figures

Muscle Body Stands:

The muscle body stand works with original Mego Hulk or Thing figures or with the new taller Doc Mego muscle body. Also for use with fat bodies like the Penguin.

$5 for 1 stand for muscle body figure

Figures shown not included or for sale.

Clear Acrylic Riser! Elevate your figures.

Works great with the Laser Mego stands.

$8 (USD) for 1 riser