Flash (Wally West)

Yes, here is YAFCF (yet another famous cover flash). I tried to put in various details into his costume that I liked. The ear-wings come out at a angle from his head, which I think look neat. I also made his emblem larger than it should be to give him that Famous Cover style.

Flash up close and personal

I also thought Skippy had a great idea on giving his boot's treads. I also sewed up the suit in the back for the first time, instead of making it removable. I think it looks much better! The suit was hand made based on Blair's patterns. The head is (of course) Daredevil as well as the oven-mitt gloves. The boots came from an extra vision (sorry anybody in Michigan!) I haven't gone back a fixed his cowl to look more like Wally's. It not a big deal to me, but I might do a quick paint job in the future.

Running away?

I've now succumbed to the DC world, I have to make Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman ......

Check out all of my speedsters.

A meeting between FC (Wally) and Mego (Barry):