The Sub-Mariner

This is my finished Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner! I made a copy of Peter Parker's head in plastic resin. Then, I sanded back his hair, and changed some features with super sculpty. Painted it up and slapped it on!

The body use to belong to Thor. It was a musclely body and had the gripping hand that I though would hold a trident well.

This is the second pair of shorts, made with green lycra(?). The wings came from some doves I found in the craft section of WalMart (for a wedding cake or something). The belt and bracelets were made from a milk ring and the ring around a peanut jar. They were then painted gold with my wife's gold finger-nail polish. The trident came from a Mystic Knight 8" figure.

Sub's Head!

This figure is award willing! Namor won second place (non DC character) at the Famous Cover Collector's Club First Annual Famous Covers Custom Action Figure Contest (say that ten times fast!)

Sub-Mariner #1

A great cover for this figure!