Deep Space Homer

Deep Space Homer

A Custom Simpson Figure by Paul Wasson

Deep Space Homer

From the episode "Deep Space Homer" comes Astronaut Homer. NASA wants to send an everyday man into space, and Homer is that everyday man!

This is a very unique figure that can play every sound on every playset!

Deep Space Homer comes complete with his bane, the inanimate carbon rod!


Stupid carbon rod. It's all just a popularity contest!

What makes Deep Space Homer unique?

Deep Space Homer has 12 switches on his backpack, that can be set to thousands of different combinations. The table below shows the switch settings for all the figures that work in the current playsets. Many of the characters have not been released yet! For more information about what figures say in different playsets, check out Simpsons Collector Sector.

There are plenty of combinations left to extend the table down or to the right as new figures and playsets are added!

Warning: switch settings are out of date, please go here for the latest values.

So, for example, if you wanted to hear what Kent Brockman says, first you would find him in the table above. Then look at the top of the column he's in: 8.2k which has the switch settings 1110 which corresponds to switches 1-4 of Homer's backpack. Next, look at what row he is in: 33k which has the switch settings 10010011, for switches 5-12. So you would set the switches on Homer's backpack to 111010010011, which is (left to right) ON,ON,ON,OFF,ON,OFF,OFF,ON,OFF,OFF,ON,ON. Woo-Hoo!

How does it work?

The following figure give the schematic diagram for what is in Homer's backpack. Apparent NASA has figured out the resistor-coil technology!

Deep Space Homer Schematic Diagram

Basically, changing the switches will change the resistance measured between the pads of Homer's foot. The playsets will read the 2 resistance values (called R1 and R2 above) to determine what character is being plugged in. By changing the resistance values, Homer can trick the playset into thinking he's any character.

How was he made?

I took a Radioactive Homer figure from the Power Plant playset, and modified him into the spacesuit. This involved adding pockets to his pants, a zipper to the top, and two air valves. After I was satisfied with his look, I took him apart and made silicone molds of his chest, arms, and legs. I also made a mold of the Sunday Best Homer's head.

I then poured plastic resin into the molds. Before pouring the left leg, I placed the 3 pad connection into his foot, with wires extending to the top of his legs. The wires then slipped out between the legs and the torso. Here I soldered the three wires to the resistor network show above. I encased the electronics with Magic Sculp to create the backpack.

The arms and head are connected to the body with very tight fitting wooden dowels that permits the regular arm and head articulation. The waist articulation was sacrificed for the electronics.

Then I painted him, and put on the finishing decals.


Yeah, maybe I do have the right...what's that stuff?

Special ThanksThanks to my friend Tom Sliva, who after hearing me talking about making this figure for about a year, got out the soldering iron, hooked up the resistors, and got me going!