Jack-in-the-Box Homer

Straight from Treehouse of Horror, comes Jack-In-The-Box Homer:

I took a Radioactive Homer head and added the collar and hat from scratch and made a mold of it. I then casted it. But, while casting, I inserted a spring I bought from a hardware store. When the plastic set, the spring was embedded in the head.

I had made the box out of wood, and glued on some stars and circles, and then molded it also. After casting, the wood grain shows through, which looks neat. I also made a separate mold for the handle which I glued on to the finished figure.

My favorite part of the figure doesn't show on the still pictures. His head is pretty well balanced on the spring, so it tends to bobble around! Its pretty funny with the expression on his face.

I had made one of these a while ago, but I wasn't happy with the paint and finish, so I tried again. I'm much happier with my second attempt.

Update: I gave an unpainted cast to my friend Dale. He used different colors than I did, but the results are very nice. Here are his painted results:

The Homer collection!