Acroyear In Progress

Post date: Jun 24, 2010 3:58:12 AM

I'm planning to make a 8" Mego Acroyear figure base on his comic book appearance:

Here is the 3D model I constructed for his head:

However, my first attempt at a 3D printed was more in a 6" scale. So I decide to see how it would look on a Baron Karza body.

The feature of the face need a little more detail, but I thought the "ears" turned out nice.

As you can see, the "ears" are perfectly straight and thin (about 2mm) but still very strong. The great thing about the Baron Karza body is that I just screwed in a large metal screw into the head and the magnets hold it tight. Once I get the face better, I'll print him out in red and probably print him in both 6" and 8" scale.