Action Jackson 2014

Post date: Nov 29, 2014 12:51:54 AM

The folks behind the 8-inch Super Store (ZICA and Castaway Toys) had a Kickstarter to produce a more modern take on Mego's 40 year old Action Jackson. Unfortunately, the deal fell through before they could deliver, but they still have all the parts available to make your own, so here is my version!

Action Jackson

You can get most of the parts from the 8-inch Super Store

I used a white pouch belt from Classic TV Toys as I like the look of it better, but if you want to be a purist, the Super Store also has a white belt.

I then added my own stickers:

I admit, I went a little overboard with 4 differ sized "AJ" on his suit, but its got the retro feel of plastering the character's logo all over the toy.

Overall, I really like this figure. It feel very solid with the Type-S body and detailed head. Its a shame the 8-inch Super Store isn't continuing the line, but they make it easy and fun to put your own together!