Brick of the Month - Toy Hawk

Post date: Mar 12, 2014 3:38:26 AM

The Mego Museum runs a live auction of custom figures once a year at Mego Meet to raise funds to maintain the website. This year, they introduced the "Brick of the Month", where each month a customizer contributes a custom figure using the Mego Museum / Plaid Stallion official mascot Brick Mantooth AKA the Super Collector. I was happy that Laser Mego was selected to represent March, with the custom figure Toy Hawk!

When an unloved toy is about to be thrown away, the Toy Hawk swoops down to rescue it from a landfill and find a home where the toy can be cherished.

Toy Hawk features a brand new wing design by Laser Mego.

He uses the new Type-S body from Castaway / ZICA toys.