Castaway Phantom and Redbeard Review

Post date: Feb 18, 2011 2:40:20 AM

Today I was happy to find a box from Castaway Toys waiting for me. Inside was an 8" version of Captain Action as The Phantom and Dr. Eville as Redbeard. These figure were original solicited in the Fall of 2009, but due to manufacturing problem have only now been delivered.

The packaging is very nice and they come with the collector friendly re-sealable clams. Due to the delay in manufacturing, Castaway had sent Captain Action much earlier, without the Phantom mask. The box today contained the Phantom mask, Dr. Eville figure and the Redbeard mask. You could probably get Captain action back into the clam with the Phantom mask on, but it would be pretty tough to close the clam with the Redbeard mask on Dr. Eville due to his huge beard in front and ponytail in back.

The packaging cards are gorgeous with glorious colorful artwork. The card backs are truly stunning.

The Phantom mask slips easily onto the Captain Action head. It looks a bit oversized as a head, but that is probably unavoidable. I wish the skin tone of the mask was a little darker to better match the body and hands.

The costume is very nice and well put together. I don't have my other Phantom on hand to compare, but the guns are very nice and shiny. The guns slip into the ring bestowed hands perfectly. It would have been nice if some non-trigger hands were included as the trigger hand look silly without the guns in them, but that is very minor and may have raised the cost of the figure.

The Dr. Eville figure is great. The costume is very detailed and is put together nicely. All of the snaps are covered up, so he looks good from any angle, yet the clothes are removable. The accessory are appropriate and work well. The sword slips into and out-of the scabbard easily and he can hold the gun without a problem. This time the head and hands have matching skin tone, but the body is darker. It would be nice if Castaway could have used the lighter skin tone body to match the hand and head, but with the long sleeves and collar, it isn't much of an issue.

Once you put the Redbeard mask on, this figure because awesome! I can't get over how great the Redbeard mask looks. Because of the thrusting beard, the mask doesn't suffer from looking oversized as the Phantom mask does.

At first I had trouble getting the mask on, but I heated it up in boiling water for a few seconds, dried it off, and it slipped right on.

As nice as the Captain Action Phantom figure is, Redbeard really steals the show. It may be the nicest figure Castaway has produced, and they have done a lot of great figures.

Castaway is sold out of these figures, which is a shame as I bet a lot more people would be interested in them now that people have gotten their hands on them. They were definitely worth the wait.