Chairs for your Dida

Post date: May 21, 2009 4:51:04 AM

We got a nice plug from Scott of Mego Museum and Dida Display fame. In his latest newsletter he wrote:

"As you may know, my own project to get some nice Crew Chairs made for the Space Command Star Trek sets fell through, but someone else has stepped in with a great solution. Paul Wasson is making lasercut black plastic crew chairs, plus some great Hall of Justice chairs with logos lasercut on the back. Reports are positive and I encourage you to give them a try if you need furnishings if you bought a Dida Display Space Command or Hall of Justice set."

Thanks Scott! As a fan of the Musuem from the beginning, this really means a lot to me.

I currently own the Transporter room Dida Display and love it. So be sure to check them out and if you happen to need any chairs ...

... we'll keep making them!