Custom Johnny Storm

Post date: Jan 19, 2011 6:06:59 AM

Another day, another custom figure courtesy of the vinyl cutter.

Johnny Storm, member of the Fantastic Four known as the Human Torch. Shown here "flamed-off". This is the costume they started where in issue 256 where coming out of the "negative-zone" all the black parts of their costumes turned white. They wore this version for several years.

The white emblem, belt and collar was cut from vinyl using the new vinyl cutter.

The rest is from Doctor Mego! Doctor Mego white body, glove, boots, and blue suit. The head is from Mattel's Aquaman. Many people on the Mego Museum thought the head looked too young for Aquaman, but would make a good Johnny Storm.

Thanks to Austin from the Mego Museum for the inspiration to make Johnny.