Famous Covers Wolverine Head Conversion

Post date: Jul 13, 2015 2:36:57 AM

Toy Biz's Famous Cover figures were a line of Mego like figures, that were slightly bigger (9" instead of 8"), but with smallish heads that we pretty much in scale with Mego heads. I've been developing a Famous Covers to Type-S Mego 3D printed head adapter so that I can use Famous Covers head directly on a Mego scale Type-S body without having to sculpt a new neck, mold, cast and paint them.

I'm pretty happy with the results so far.

Here is a Famous Covers body, showing how the head connection is at an angle.

This means that a Famous Cover head when laid flat will have its head tipped up and the chin is sticking out.

So I made this adapter that has a Type-S connection on the bottom, builds up the neck and has a Famous cover nub at the top with the proper angle.

This allows the head to be facing forward, instead of looking up into the air.

And here it is on the recent DST Retro Wolverine figure on a Type-S body with the Famous Cover head:

It actually has more articulation as you can turn at the neck or the head, and since the neck is at an angle, you can also make him look up.

The adapter could be printed in different colors, but I kind of like the black as it breaks up colors, were yellow neck may not exactly match both the head and the suit colors.