Gremlin and Jason Foster Review

Post date: Aug 7, 2010 11:11:46 PM

I just received the first two Twilight Zone 8" Mego-like action figures from Bif Bang Pow.


The Gremlin features a full fury body suit with a padded tummy. It would have been nice if Bif Bang Pow had EMCE toys make a reproduction fat-body, but in this case the padded suit works fine. The suit even has fur on the bottom of the feet, but it doesn't seem to interfere with his standing.

The fur on the head is not connected to the suit so that the head can be turned. The fur hat is held on by a small piece of velcro under the chin. I didn't even notice it until I tried to take off the hat.

There is a little bit a glue holding the fur hat to the head, but I peeled it away because I wanted to see what the head looked like under the hat. The sculpt is perfect and the bald head may find uses for custom figures.

Jason Foster:

Jason has a nice outfit with great details. I didn't undo the belt as I wasn't sure I could get it back on, but he appears to be wearing white pajama tops and bottoms with a bath robe. The front of the shirt has velcro to keep it closed. He also has some very sturdy slippers that seem to be made of a rubbery plastic. Unfortunately, my robe has a very visible stain on the right sleeve. I'm sure this is just an isolated incident.

The head sculpt is amazing. At first I though he had a removable mask, but it is just part of the sculpt. I didn't even notice the stain on his right side of the face until I took the picture with a flash. I was able to rub it right off, so it was just a little gunk on the plastic.

Overall I am very impressed with these two figures. I think Bif Bang Pow has hit a home run and will be getting all the rest of the series.