John Stewart

Post date: Jun 19, 2011 12:48:59 AM

Another month, another retro-action Green Lantern figure! This month its John Stewart.

He seems a bit snug in the package, probably because his hair is a bit bigger than most of the other figures.

He looks great and seems pretty accurate to the character first appearance in the comics.

I was glad to see that even though his collar and sleeves cover up his body, Mattel went ahead and gave us a new darker skin tone body that matches the head. The body has the waist fix, so he doesn't flop over like some of the earlier figures.

The costume, hands and lantern look to be identical to the Hal Jordan Green Lantern from the first wave. I believe my Hal is wearing the wrong boot, so those are the same also.

John is a great addition to my growing Green Lantern Corps.

Next month brings Kyle Rayner who may be the final Mattel Retro Action figure produced.