Learning to fly

Post date: Jul 21, 2009 5:43:25 AM

This was a pet project of mine that I've wanted to do every since I started playing with transparent acrylic. Making a reproduction of the 1:18 scale Mego Micronauts Space Glider's Dash Wing in 1:9 scale. Why? Because it was calling to me! Space Glider was my favorite figure as a kid. There was something magical about the heavy metal figure that had light, attachable, transparent wing. The multiple transparent colors of the Micronauts were so mesmerizing.

So, one night I took apart the original wings, scanned the individual pieces, and worked until early morning, faithfully reproducing all the details.

Later, I cut out the pieces and put them together. It felt just like a larger version of the original.

Now I just need to make a custom Mego Space Glider figure to go with them instead of using a Star Trek stand-in.

See the Dash Wing page for more pictures and information.