Making a Doom Set, Part 2

Post date: Jul 25, 2011 3:13:59 PM

In Making a Doom Set, Part 1, we had cut out all the pieces to make a Doom Set. Now we will put everything together. Just like before, click on any picture to enlarge.

The rest of the assembly will use Weld-on Solvent Cement to join the pieces together. This glue actually break down the plastic and welds the pieces together to make a very strong joint. We will also be using lots of little 90 degree angle pieces cut to around 1/4" long and plenty of little clamps. The angles are made out of ABS plastic and work very well with the glue and acrylic pieces.

We will look at making the podium first and then the tables. The first step is to glue the yellow front plate to the gray backing of the podium using glue and clamps. We will also take the podium top and glue a small lip to both the top and bottom. Then we wait overnight for the glue to set.

The next day we glue the side of the podium to the front. The sides have cut-outs that line up with the front so that it only fits in the correct position. We use two angle piece at the top and bottom to give it strength and to make sure its at a right angle. We use two clamps per angle while the glue sets up.

We repeat for the other side of the podium and also put a small yellow piece on the back to make sure it will fit after the glue sets.

At the same time, we glue another copy of the same yellow piece to the underside of the top of the podium. It pushes against the lip we had glued on earlier. Now we wait overnight for the glue to set on the podium sides and top.

After taking the clamps off, we now have the two pieces of the podium done.

We put a layer of glue around the top of the sides and front of the podium and set the top piece in place and let it setup overnight.

At the same time as making the podium, we glue the legs onto the table. For each leg, we use two angle pieces and clamps.

There is a total of four small tables that fit together to make the complete set.

There is also a stand that is made out of 3 piece of plastic and 4 angles. All the clamps on this piece make it look kind of silly.

After all the glue has dried, we use a polishing cloth to get all the finger prints off and now have a complete set ready for shipping.