Mego Meet 2011 Pictures - Part 1

Post date: Jun 14, 2011 3:17:38 AM

I can't believe it came and went so fast. Thanks to everybody that stopped by and said hi at our table.

By the time I took a picture, we only had 2 Fantasticars left. Thanks to everybody who bought stuff, our suitcases were much emptier on the way back. We ended up selling out of Fantasticars before lunch and gave away all the Mego-logo window clings soon afterwards.

Our table was definitely in the customerizer room with Castaway Toys, Austin and Brian. Our table was in between Brian's and Austin's. It was incredible to look through Brian's catalog of customs.

I spent a lot of time with Austin at the meet, as his table was right next to ours.

It was fun seeing people dig through his stuff, looking for personal treasures.

Austin had a display of his custom figures in a glass case.

He also held court dishing out custom secrets of mold making.

It was also great to see Scott painting amazing looking heads for an audience.

Some detail work.

It really amazing to see Scott's work in person.

Art had his wall of customs on display.

I was quite proud to see the Makerbot printed Iron Man Mk 1 kit that he bought from my table last year displayed. I love how he made it his own.

Ben was really excited to get some books and illustrations from Art. We are going to frame the drawings and put them in his room. It was amazing how Art drew pictures for everybody, created prizes for the kids kit-bash contest and also officiated the contest. What a great guy.

John had a jaw-dropping display of his custom figures.

Ed gave a good talk on printing custom costumes. This year was really a customizers dream conference.

There was also a demonstration on how to clean vintage suits.

Next was the group photo, with an appearance of the Red Skull!

Apparently Ben joined some sort of "Young League". I probably should be read the permission slip before signing it.

Luckily, the Wonder Twin came to save the day!

Later, Jason and Dave gave a frank talk about Castaways past and future.

They showed 2 new monster figures. The Phantom:

And the Hunchback:

They also announce a new partnership with Go Hero to produce both 12" and 8" Flash Gordon figures.

After a short break, Paul (Doc Mego) took the stage to talk about everything EMCE with sculptor Andy Covalt.

They showed off the original Captain Marvel sculpt and explained the process of going from a sculpt to a final product.

They had also brought some samples of the build-a-zombie kit.

Later was the custom auction, this year with a real auctioneer!

Some of the customizers listen in on the bidding.

The last event was the kit-bash custom contest. This year broken up into kids and adults. Ben was very proud of his Dr. Doom entry:

All through out the meet, people were buying, selling and trading at the tables.

It was neat to meet Dave and his wife at their table.

See you next year!