News: Oct 2020 - Jun 2021

6/17/2021 - Store Closed for Summer

ANNOUNCEMENT: Store now closed until September 1st.

I really got a lot of orders in the past two weeks! Thanks everybody.

All orders that were placed before today are being worked on and will be sent out shortly.

However, I will not be accepting any new orders over the summer. I have tried to hide the store pages, but if someone does manage to place an order, I will have to refund it. Thank-you for your understanding.

Enjoy the summer!

- Paul

6/2/2021 - Summer Shutdown

ANNOUNCEMENT: Not taking orders after June 16th until September 1st.

After 12 years of almost uninterrupted service, LaserMego is taking the summer off.

I will still accept new orders for the next 2 weeks and will then pause the store. This will give me the rest of June to finish and ship out all outstanding orders.

The shutdown will include both regular items and custom requests.

The shutdown will give me time to recharge and focus on new projects.

But don't worry, the store will be back in September and may even have some all new items!

Enjoy the summer!

- Paul

5/15/2021 - New Item: Crossbow

Now available on the Weapons page, a Mego sized crossbow!

5/06/2021 - The Many Looks of Dr. Zaius

4/27/2021 - Adapter Price Drop

Due to a new design I can make the Type-S to Mego head adapter as a single piece now, so it easier to make and cheaper to buy. Now 3 for $4. What a deal!

4/20/2021 - Silver Surfer

Finished Silver Surfer.

He is very shiny. You can see my reflected red hoodie in his chest.

Features laser cut surfboard, 3D printed head and feet and liberal use of the Molotow liquid chrome pen.

4/16/2021 - Ape-Astronaut

From "Escape from the Planet of the Apes", an ape-astronaut. Lets say Milo, since Mego is making a new Cornelius figure with hopefully a new head sculpt.

I will be selling the helmet soon if anybody want to make their own astro-ape.

4/15/2021 - Green Lantern Touch-Up

I like the new Green Lantern Mego figure, based on the John Stewart version of the character as seen here in the package:

But I thought I could tweak him to make him better. So I did the following:

  1. colored in his original emblem black and added a new sticker emblem that was less blurry, more circular and better centered on his chest

  2. cut his fingers from his left hand so he can hold his lantern

  3. printed a more defined ring with a green outline and white details

  4. sewed up the shoulder on his suit which had a loose seam

I'm pretty happy with the results:

03/25/2021 - New Feet

New to LaserMego, articulated feet!

2 types:

  • Boot feet

  • Robot feet

Both are designed to work with the new Mego bodies (2018 or later). Each set include a pair of feet and the ankle pegs in a matching color and the robot feet also come with "ankle wings". The feet have a stiff, sturdy feel so you can pose your figure with ease.

Available on the new Boots and feet page.

03/12/2021 - 8" Female Time Traveler

The female Time Traveler was selected as the Mego Museum's Custom Mego for the month. Thank-you!

03/11/2021 - 8" Female Time Traveler

I made an 8" female version of the Micronauts Time Traveler.

03/07/2021 - Roman Sword and Shield

Made a Roman style sword and shield that the female Mego figure can hold.

(Sorry about the messy hair.)

[UPDATE] Roman Sword available on the Weapons page.

02/26/2021 - Franklin Richards

A quick kit-bash custom of Franklin Richards, son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman:

He started out as a Mego Chucky figure from Child's Play. I just used a new head and found a blue shirt and added the 4 1/2 emblem.

02/25/2021 - Chrome Mego

After using the Molotow liquid chrome pen to color Wonder Woman's bracelet, I tried it on the new silver Ultraman Mego body to try and make a chrome Mego for the Silver Surfer.

First I took all the pieces apart and chromed them each individually:

I then let them dry for 3 days. Afterwards the paint seems to dry well and didn't feel tacky, even on the PVC parts.

Then I tried to put it back together. Unfortunately I didn't think and put the left arm it hot water to soften up the plastic, forgetting that the chrome paint is water soluble. For the rest of the piece, I used a heat gun which worked much better.

I messed up the upper chest and back during the original application and the left arm during assembly. I now plan to give those pieces a second coat. I will design feet and a head for the Silver Surfer, since he doesn't have toes or ears. I plan to use the same chrome paint on those parts, so they should blend in well.

Overall, I'm pretty happy for my first attempt. I will have to try again to perfect the process.

02/25/2021 - New bracelets for Wonder Woman

Printed out some bracelets and then used a liquid chrome marker to paint them.

01/19/2021 - Legion of Superheroes council dais and podium

Custom Legion of Superheroes council dais and podium, all with chairs. Its all made of acrylic. I didn't have any LSH figures to show, so the Justice League is helping out. Could ask be made in different colors, like green for the Guardians on Oa.

01/18/2021 - Female Masks

Designed to be glued on to female Mego heads. Available on the Masks and Glasses page.

01/16/2021 - More Weapons

Add mace, hammer and more question mark cane colors on the Weapons page.

01/14/2021 - More Dino Warriors

I was so happy with the first set of Dino Warriors that I ordered a second set of finger puppets.

Presenting Dino Warriors waves one and two!

01/13/2021 - New item: Question Mark Cane

Why make a question mark cane? Its a riddle. Available on the Weapons page.

01/12/2021 - Dino Warriors

Made from some dinosaur finger puppets found on Amazon.

One guy was missing an arm, so I designed a mace-hand for him.

The head and hands are attached using some 3D printed adapters I designed.

01/05/2021 - Round shields now available

Finally made an order entry for the round shields on the new Armor page.

01/05/2021 - Leg Wraps now available

After a week of testing, the Leg Wraps are now available on the new Armor store page.

Look for more armor items coming in 2021!

01/04/2021 - Kit-bash Ninja

01/03/2021 - More Leg Wrappings

I went nuts today and made a whole rainbow of tigers. Only White Tiger is cannon. Mostly, I'm just showing off the leg wraps.

01/02/2021 - Leg Wrappings

I updated my White Tiger custom figure with plastic leg wrappings.

They are heat formed to fit the shape of the Mego leg. I plan to offer them in multiple colors.

12/07/2020 -New item: Chest Engine

A Micronaut style "chest engine" is now available on the Dash Wing page.

11/30/2020 -New item: Long Axe

New item: Long Axe on the Weapons page.

Based on the version Abe used to hunt vampires!

11/03/2020 - Deep Sea Diver again!

The Deep Sea Diver page went missing with the new website, but now its back and includes a new trident accessory.

10/31/2020 - New Site

New website! Laser Mego has a whole new look.

Let me know if you find any issues with the new site.