The return of the Fantasticar

Post date: May 26, 2015 5:11:45 AM

After a 4 year absence, the Fantasticar is coming back for the Mego Meet custom auction!

The version 2 Fantasticar is totally re-designed and better than ever:

  • 4 separate compartments to hold all of the Mego Fantastic Four figures

  • The compartments snap together for a solid vehicle and can be separate for individual play

  • 3D printed with tough PLA plastic with snap-together construction (over 24 hours of print time!)

  • Raised acrylic 4 in the front with silver PLA bevel

  • Cool silver control panel

  • Vinyl sides with silver anti-gravity discs on the bottom

More details about future availability at the Laser Mego table at Mego Meet, but bid on the auction to be the first to get this new version.