Vacuum Former, Part Deux

Post date: Aug 1, 2011 2:25:22 AM

I had a bit of time to work on the Space Glider armor as I had talked about before.

I cut out the panel pieces a bit larger so they would fill the chest better,

put it on the bed of the vacuum former,

and got a pretty good pull.

Here it is trimmed up.

I then painted it using some Fusion paint that had been in my garage for several years. I wasn't thrilled with the rough texture. I'm not sure if that is how fusion paint always works, or if my can was just old and not working as well.

I'm still pretty happy with how this turned out. I'll have to figure out how to get the back and sides to work next.

For another painting test, I took one of the clear pieces I had made and painted the inside with chrome paint. I think this turned out great as the clear plastic give it a very shiny finish and also protects the paint. I think I'll just use the clear plastic for everything and paint the inside from now on.