Venture Bros. Rusty & Jonas Venture Sr. Figure Review

Post date: Oct 22, 2011 11:38:58 PM

Today I was happy to find the Rusty & Jonas Venture figure set in my mailbox. Lets take a look!

The figures come packed in a collector's tin that looks like, and could be used for, a classic lunch box. The art on both the front and back is very cool.

Inside the tin is a very collector friendly tray that hold the two figures and accessories.

The figures are great and feel very solid. The skin tone of the heads match up with the bodies. And the heads, although squishy, feel solid and not the thin plastic of the first series. Although Jonas has solid shoe-feet, Rusty has what appears to be removable shoes over painted black socks.

The accessories are great and looked to be very show accurate. The goggles fit well and can either cover Jonas' eyes or rest on the top of his head.

Overall, these figures are a great addition to the Venture Bros. action figure line up. Bif Bang Pow seems to keep getter better at making quality figures.