Bug Base

Bug Base Bag

We are please to announce our first custom Micronaut compatible city building kit is now available for purchase: the Bug Base! This set was conceived for the RocketTubes.net "New Micro-toy for a New Year" Contest and won the fan's choice award.

All the pieces

The set comes with all the 1/8" acrylic pieces shown above: 8 hex, 9 quad, 13 tri black pieces, 1 tube, 2 tube rings, and 1 tube end.

Note that the kit does not come with the gray connectors. They must be supplied from vintage Micronaut playsets. The Bug Base requires 57 connectors.

Order a Bug Base kit today! Assembly instructions below.

Discontinued, no longer available.

Assembly Instructions

The Bug Base is assembled in two piece, called the mound and the top, that are connected by the tube. The kit does not come with connectors which must come from a vintage Mego Micronauts playset.

Mound Flat

The picture above shows the mound flattened (click picture to enlarge). Assemble the pieces as shown and then simply connect the other ends of the connectors to the holes across from then.

Be careful as acrylic can be brittle and may snap under pressure. Try not to force the pieces too much. The holes are a tiny bit bigger on one side than the other, so if a connector doesn't go in easily, try turning the piece over and try the connector from the other side. Also, when removing a connector, it works better to use something small to push it out to put less stress on the acrylic pieces.

Mound assembled

Notice the round hole at the top of the assembled mound. This will hold the tube.

Top flat

Now assemble the top in the same manner. This time the round hole will end up on the bottom of the piece.

Top Assembled

Here is the top fully assembled.

Bug Base Complete

Here is a complete Bug Base (Membros not included), showing the top and the mound connected by the tube. There is a tube ring right below the top, another in the middle of the tube, and the tube end on the bottom of the tube.