More Twilight Zone: Kanamit and the Devil

Post date: Aug 14, 2010 5:33:13 PM

I had already wrote about two Bif Bang Pow Twilight Zone figures in the Gremlin and Jason Foster Review and now I'll discuss Kanamit and the Devil.

Kanamit is the tall alien who speaks telepathically from the classic episode, "To Serve Man". The head sculpt is perfect, with great paints to give a good black and white look to the face.

Under his robes and matching pants and platform shoes to make him taller than other figures. The shoes are made of a sturdy, rubber plastic that slip on and off easy but still fit great.

He comes with the infamous book. It has strange alien writing that gets deciphered too late.

The Devil, from the episode "The Howling Man", is a striking figure with a black suit and boots and two-tone cape with black on the outside and a silvery light gray on the inside. A metal chain holds the cape together and looks really sharp. The figure has another killer head sculpt that really captures the look of the actor.

The boots are reused pirate boots in black from EMCE. They are very solid and fit great.

The suit is one piece, loose fitting, and is held closed by velcro on the back.

Here is the Twilight Zone Devil figure compared to the more colorful CTVT Devil figure. The quality of the Bif Bang Pow figure is much better and just feels more solid in your hand.

Kanamit and the Devil are a welcomed addition to my growing Twilight Zone collection. These figures are well made and have a lot of attention to detail. I highly recommend them. Can't wait to get some more!